A picture-perfect, interchangeable, lightweight, high definition presentation. It's a frame changer!

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Bay Photo Xpozer features vivid, sharp photo prints paired with a revolutionary new mounting system.

Images are printed on striking Vivid Satin material. With no frame needed, they float away from the wall for a modern gallery look. The lightweight patented aluminum tension hanging system makes Xpozer highly portable and quick to assemble--perfect for shipping to clients or loved ones. Group multiple Xpozer Prints to create beautiful wall art displays, and change them up as often as you like with Xchange Prints.


It's a Frame Changer

Group multiple Xpozer Prints to create beautiful wall displays, and change them up as often as you like with Xchange Prints.

Wall Art XPozer Components

Xchange Prints are additional prints that can be ordered at any time, and are designed to be interchanged with other Xpozer Prints using the same patented aluminum hanging system, for an easy and economical way to change up your displays.


Bay Photo Xpozer Prints feature vivid, sharp 12 color photo prints paired with a revolutionary new mounting system.

XPozer Wall Art Components
Vivid, High Definition Prints

Vivid, High Definition Prints

Your images are printed on a striking Vivid Satin material using a 12 color ink set.

Revolutionary Patented Hanging System

Revolutionary Patented Hanging System

The lightweight aluminum tension system makes Xpozer quick and easy to assemble.

Custom Hanging Hardware

Custom Hanging Hardware

Prints are always hung perfectly using the included cleat and screws.

Expo Display Kits

The low cost, gorgeous look, and unique portability of Xpozer means it's not just great for home and studio walls; they also make it the perfect solution for exhibitions or bridal show displays. Our Expo Display Kits include hanging hardware specifically made to easily display multiple Xpozer Prints on pipe and drape.

Vivid, High Definition Prints

The Perfect Solution for the Exhibiting Photographer

Choose from Expo Display Kits configured with 9 - 24x36" Xpozer Prints for 10 feet of pipe and drape, or configured with 18 - 24x36" Xpozer Prints for 20 feet of pipe and drape. Both Kits include all the hanging hardware needed for a successful display.

Revolutionary Patented Hanging System

Uniquely Portable & Quick to Set Up

Transport Xpozer Prints from your car to the show in their handy boxes, and set up your display in 20 minutes or less with the easy-to-assemble hanging system. Check out the assembly tutorial here.

Sizes & Prices

Xpozer & Xchange Prints

Sizes Xpozer + Print Xchange Print*
16x16 $38.00 $26.60
16x20 $42.00 $29.40
16x24 $49.00 $34.30
16x48 $88.00 $61.60
20x20 $51.00 $35.70
20x24 $54.00 $37.80
20x30 $75.00 $52.50
20x40 $91.00 $63.70
20x60 $129.00 $90.30
20x80 $162.00 $113.40
24x24 $69.00 $48.30
24x30 $88.00 $61.60
24x36 $99.00 $69.30
24x48 $129.00 $90.30
30x30 $105.00 $73.50
30x40 $129.00 $90.30
30x45 $145.00 $101.50
30x60 $173.00 $121.10
30x80 $195.00 $136.50
40x40 $162.00 $113.40
40x60 $195.00 $136.50
40x80 $229.00 $160.30

*Xchange Prints include a Vivid Satin Print with 4 mounting corners attached for easy insertion into your existing Xpozer tension frame.

Xpozer Expo Display Kits

Configuration Price
10' Xpozer Expo Display Kit
Including 9-24x36" Prints and Hanging Hardware
20' Xpozer Expo Display Kit
Including 18-24x36" Prints and Hanging Hardware


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