Retouching Services

Digital photo retouching for those not-so-perfect moments.

Life isn't perfect, but your photos can be!

Our team of Photo Retouchers are highly experienced at improving and restoring images. Whether it's eyeglass glare, removing a hair out of place, or restoring the glory of a historic moment, we take pride in making images their best.

Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouchers are highly experienced at removing those little details that can distract from the beauty of a photo, such as glare in the wrong place, red eyes, or skin blemishes. Below are just a few samples of what we can do.

Braces Removal - Before

Braces Removal - After

Skin Care - Before


Skin Care - Before

Skin Care - After

Glare Removal - Before

Glare Removal - After

Hair Cleanup - Before

Hair Cleanup - After

Shadow Removal - Before

Shadow Removal - After

Digital Artwork

Digital Artwork can make a huge difference when it comes to headshots that don't look quite right, or an inconvenient blink. We can also adjust the exposure of an image, add or remove color backgrounds, and apply other techniques to match your vision.

Head Swap - Before

Head Swap - After

Eye Swap - Before

Eye Swap - After

Resolution Optimization

We use a combination of multiple techniques and a variety of software in order to achieve the best possible image quality from your file. The service includes noise reduction, pixelation and compression artifact reduction, traditional upscaling, artificial intelligence upscaling, and sharpening.

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Ben Ingram Image Before and After Resolution Optimization
Leon Johnson Image Before and After Resolution Optimization

Photo Restoration

Bring back the beauty of an old or damaged photograph with our Photo Restoration services. We can cleanup dust, scratches, tears, and water damage, and even add color to a black-and-white or sepia image.

Photo Cleanup - Before

Photo Cleanup - After

Colorize - Before

Colorize - After

Retouching, Digital Artwork, and Restoration Services

Service Price Description
Retouching Normal $6.75 Remove blemishes, minor shine, stray hair at crown, eyebags, teeth and eye whitening
Retouch Additional Heads $5.00 Added to Retouching charge per each additional subject in the image. Up to six additional subjects.
Retouching Heavy $8.99 Same as Retouching Normal adding removal of severe skin blemishes.
Fix Glass Glare $10.99 Remove eyeglass glare
Remove Stray Hair $6.49 Remove excessive hair around head and minor hair across face
Remove Shine $11.50 Remove facial shine
Remove Braces $17.80 Remove braces
Red Eye Removal $3.99 Remove red eye from flash on one subject
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Digital retouching time. Minimum of 10 minutes.
Digital Artwork
Sharpening $7.50 Enhance details in image, and improves the sharpness of soft subjects.
Remove Flash Reflection $18.99 Flash reflection removal from objects
Remove Shadows $23.25 Remove shadows behind subjects.
Spot Removal $3.25 Remove spots, dust on images
Basic Dodge/Burn $7.15 Adjusting exposure of images (highlights and shadows)
Heavy Dodge/Burn $14.30 Adjusting exposure of images requiring multiple selections within the image
Head Swap $35.55 Replace subject's head with head from another image
Eye Swap $35.55 Replace subject's eyes with eyes from another image
Open Eyes $13.75 Open subject's eyes.
Color Splash $35.00 Apply black and white or sepia effect to image, while keeping the subject in color bringing more focus to it.
Resolution Optimization $10.00 Apply noise reduction, pixelation and compression artifact reduction, traditional upscaling, artificial intelligence upscaling, and/or sharpening.
Level 1 (Light) $72.50 Restoration - Light / minor damage to photos, dust and scratches
Level 2 (Medium) $95.70 Restoration - Medium / minor damage plus small cracks and tears
Level 3 (Heavy) $124.70 Restoration - Heavy / dust, cracks, larger tears, some water damage, fixing color
Level 4 (Heavy/Severe) $153.70 Restoration - Heavy/Severe / larger tears, water damage, colorization
Level 5 (Severe) $182.70 Restoration - Severe / color, major damage to subjects and or background

Ordering Retouching Services

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