Acrylic Blocks

Vibrant prints are mounted behind 1" or 1¼" polished acrylic for a striking tabletop display.

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A small tabletop display with big impact.

Acrylic Blocks feature beautiful Fine Art Prints face-mounted to 1" or 1¼" thick plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Prints stand solidly on end on any flat surface.

Acrylic Photo Blocks
  • Acrylic Blocks are always a crowd favorite! Perfect photo products for a desk or shelf.Roxanne E.

  • I just recently added Acrylic Blocks to my products & I am in LOVE!!Jenn S.

  • Acrylic Blocks are the perfect way to make a statement in any space.Anna D.


Prints are face mounted on plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Choose from Vivid or Metallic Surface.

Acrylic Blocks face mounted on thick plexiglass.

2 Thicknesses

Choose from 1" or 1¼" thick plexiglass. Both stand solidly on their own on any flat surface.

Acrylic Blocks in 2 Thicknesses

Optional Engraving

Optional laser engraving can be added to 5x7" Acrylic Blocks, producing a frosted etching that floats in front of your image. Choose from 4 stylish designs: "So Much Love", "Graduate", "Forever", and "World's Best Dad".

Thoughtfully Engraved Acrylic Blocks
Love - Engraved Acrylic Blocks

So Much Love

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Graduate - Engraved Acrylic Blocks


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Forever - Engraved Acrylic Blocks


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World's Best Dad - Engraved Acrylic Blocks

World's Best Dad

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Acrylic Blocks are finished with a subtly textured Black Backing.

Acrylic Block finished with a black paper backing.

Sizes & Prices

Click on an option below to start customizing your Acrylic Block.

1" Thick Acrylic Blocks

Size With Vivid Print With Metallic Print
2x8 $45.45 $46.60
3x12 $67.15 $68.20
4x4 $41.99 $44.50
4x6 $41.99 $44.50
5x7 $47.25 $50.50
6x6 $52.50 $55.25
8x8 $95.25 $99.50
8x10 $98.75 $103.85

Engraved 1" Thick Acrylic Blocks

Size and Engraving With Vivid Print With Metallic Print
5x7 - "So Much Love" $60.00 $62.95
5x7 - "The Graduate" $60.00 $62.95
5x7 - "Forever" $60.00 $62.95
5x7 - "World's Best Dad" $60.00 $62.95

1¼" Thick Acrylic Blocks

Size With Vivid Print With Metallic Print
5x7 $63.25 $65.99
8x8 $107.25 $111.50
8x10 $117.90 $122.25
8x12 $138.25 $143.99
10x10 $149.99 $154.85

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