Acrylic Blocks

Vibrant prints are mounted behind 1" or 1¼" polished acrylic for a striking tabletop display.

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A small tabletop display with big impact.

Acrylic Blocks feature beautiful Fine Art Prints face-mounted to 1" or 1¼" thick plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Prints stand solidly on end on any flat surface.

Acrylic Photo Blocks
  • Acrylic Blocks are always a crowd favorite! Perfect photo products for a desk or shelf.Roxanne E.

  • I just recently added Acrylic Blocks to my products & I am in LOVE!!Jenn S.

  • Acrylic Blocks are the perfect way to make a statement in any space.Anna D.


Prints are face mounted on plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Choose from Vivid or Metallic Surface. Vivid is our most popular paper surface type, corresponding to what most people think of as a "typical" or "standard" photographic paper surface. Metallic has a subtle gold shimmer that's particularly visible in the lighter areas of the image, lending an overall warmth and subtle sheen to the image.

Acrylic Blocks face mounted on thick plexiglass.

2 Thicknesses

Choose from 1" or 1¼" thick plexiglass. Both stand solidly on their own on any flat surface.

Acrylic Blocks in 2 Thicknesses

Optional Engraving

Optional laser engraving can be added to 5x7" Acrylic Blocks, producing a frosted etching that floats in front of your image. Choose from 24 stylish designs in horizontal and vertical layouts.

Thoughtfully Engraved Acrylic Blocks

World's Best Dad (1)

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World's Best Dad (2)

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World's Best Mom

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World's Best Auntie

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World's Best Uncle

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Partners for Life

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Mr. & Mrs.

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So Much Love

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Mom's Favorite

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Dad's Favorite

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Bundle of Joy

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Oh Baby!

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Best Friends Forever

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Cross-Hatch Frame

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Paw Print

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The Mountains are Calling

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The Adventure Begins

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Life's a Beach

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Surf Life

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Acrylic Blocks are finished with a subtly textured Black Backing.

Acrylic Block finished with a black paper backing.

Sizes & Prices

Click on an option below to start customizing your Acrylic Block.

1" Thick Acrylic Blocks

Size With Vivid Print With Metallic Print
2x8 $44.54 $45.67
3x12 $65.81 $66.84
4x4 $41.15 $43.61
4x6 $41.15 $43.61
5x7 $46.31 $49.49
6x6 $51.45 $54.15
8x8 $93.35 $97.51
8x10 $96.78 $101.77

Engraved 1" Thick Acrylic Blocks

Size (WxH) With Vivid Print With Metallic Print
5x7 $58.80 $61.69
7x5 $58.80 $61.69

1¼" Thick Acrylic Blocks

Size With Vivid Print With Metallic Print
5x7 $61.99 $64.67
8x8 $105.11 $109.27
8x10 $115.54 $119.81
8x12 $135.49 $141.11
10x10 $146.99 $151.75

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