Creative Edge MetalPrints

Stunning prints infused on aluminum, available in 27 decorative shapes.

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What a way to display!

Creative Edge MetalPrints are the same stunning aluminum prints that you know and love, cut into our popular Creative Edge shapes. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes with optional Designer Borders.

MetalPrints creative edge

Creative Edge Shapes

Choose from 28 custom shapes (and counting!).

Designer Border Templates

Our optional Designer Borders are a great way to add color to any Creative Edge MetalPrint. Designer border templates are free
of charge and easy to use in Bay ROES.

Designer Border Backgrounds

These Designer Borders can be applied to any of the Creative Edge MetalPrints listed above.
You may also use your own border by selecting "Drop-in Border" in our ordering software, Bay ROES.

Float Mount Hanger

Float Mount Hanger

Our Float Mount Hangers float prints 1/2" off the wall for a gorgeous wall display.

Sizes & Prices

Your choice of High Gloss, Mid-Gloss*, Satin, or Sheer Surfaces. Performance EXT Metal is available in High Gloss or Sheer Glossy Surfaces only.

Size Print Price With Performance EXT Metal*
5x5 $20.00 $25.00
5x7 $21.00 $26.25
8x8 $25.00 $31.25
8x10 $26.00 $32.50
10x30** $84.00 $103.25
12x12 $35.00 $43.75
11x14 $39.00 $48.75
16x16 $55.00 $68.75
16x20 $72.00 $90.00
20x20 $72.00 $90.00
20x24 $115.00 $143.75
24x24 $115.00 $143.75
24x30 $155.00 $193.75
20x60** $346.00 $421.00
30x30 $185.00 $231.25
30x40 $225.00 $293.75
40x40 $350.00 $437.50
40x50 $380.00 $480.00

*Add $2.00 for Mid-Gloss Surface. Performance EXT Metal is available in High Gloss or Sheer Glossy Surfaces only.

**10x30 and 20x60 are currently available in the CE53 Surfboard shape only.

MetalPrint Add-Ons Size/Description Price
Float Mount Hangers For 12x12 and smaller $5.00
For 12x18 and larger $7.50


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