Gallery Blocks™

A chic, three-dimensional approach to wall art.

Gallery Blocks bring together a unique combination of text, color, photos, and 3D construction to create a stunning display!

This innovative and unique product helps you showcase your creativity with multiple options. Each individual block can be printed with your images and artwork.

Gallery Block Custom Photo Wall Display

A Perfect Wrap

A Gallery Block is a professional print on Glossy paper laminated over a solid wood constructed box. Gallery Blocks are easy to maintain, easy to hang, with no folded corners and perfect manufactured 90° angles. A unique alternative to Canvas Wraps that will wow any client. Images can wrap around the edges, or add your own custom border graphics.

Gallery Block Construction Description

Ready for Display

Your Gallery Block will be shipped to you completely assembled with a built-in cleat on the back. For quick and hassle-free hanging, optional wall hanging hardware can be included with your order for an additional $5.50.

Gallery Block Hanger Backing

Sizes & Prices

Gallery Blocks are sold individually or in sets of 3. Optional wall hanging hardware is available for an additional $5.50 per Gallery Block.

Single Gallery Blocks Depth Price
8x8 1" $25.99
8x10 1" $26.99
8x12 1" $28.99
10x20 1" $43.99
11x14 1" $43.99
12x12 1" $36.99
16x16 1" $50.99
16x20 1" $59.99
16x24 1" $62.99
20x20 1" $62.99
20x24 1" $71.99
20x30 1½" $84.99
24x24 1" $84.99
24x30 1½" $101.99
24x36 1½" $122.99
Gallery Block Sets of 3 Depth Price
4x6 1" $35.99
5x5 1" $35.99
5x7 1" $39.99
6x6 1" $39.99


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