Canvas Board

Photographic or Fine Art Canvas Prints mounted for durability and rigidity.

An excellent pre-treatment for Canvas Prints that will be framed.

Canvas Board Prints are made with a print on Professional Photo Paper bonded onto museum quality canvas, or a Fine Art Print printed directly onto canvas material. The print is then mounted on Gator Foamboard, which is very rigid foamboard and lightweight backing. It is durable and will not warp.

Canvas Board Prints

Canvas Types

Canvas Board Prints can be made using your choice of two processes.

Fine Art Giclée Canvas Board

Fine Art Canvas Board

Fine Art Canvas Board Prints are printed directly onto museum-quality canvas material using high-quality archival inks. Your choice of Glossy or Lustre Laminate is applied to each piece to protect the surface of the print.

Photographic Canvas Board

Photographic Canvas Board

Photos are printed on Kodak Endura silver based photo paper, then bonded with high pressure and heat onto museum quality canvas. An optional Lustre or Glossy finishing coating can be applied to protect the surface of the print.

Mounting Substrate

Canvas is wrapped around 3/16" Gatorfoam Board.

Mounting Substrate

Display Options

Our Canvas Board option is a great pre-treatment for a Canvas Print that will be framed.

Display Options

Complete your Photographic Canvas Board Print with your choice of 45 handcrafted mouldings.

Each moulding is carefully inspected to meet the gallery quality you expect from Bay Photo. Choose from modern, rustic, and gallery-style mouldings in natural solid wood with a rich finish and grain, as well as aged reclaimed barnwood and sleek metal styles.

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Signature Auto-Pen to Sign Your Prints and Artwork

Your Art, Your Signature

Add your signature to your prints, from anywhere! Provide us with a digital file of your signature or logo, and our auto-pen can sign your MetalPrints, Epic Prints, or Canvas Prints for you using real ink, making it look like you signed them yourself. This is the perfect solution for artists who want to sign their work, but also want to use our drop shipping service. Currently available for orders placed through Bay ROES only.

Choose From 4 Ink Colors

Auto-Sign Prints Using Black Ink
Auto-Sign Prints Using Gold Ink
Auto-Sign Prints Using Silver Ink
Auto-Sign Prints Using Bronze Ink

How the Signature Pen Works

  • First, upload a scan or photograph of your signature or logo in Bay ROES
  • We will then set up your signature file in our system for a one-time $50 set up fee
  • Once your signature is set-up, simply select the options for the signature when you order your print in Bay ROES
  • Location options: Lower Left or Lower Right, on Front or Back of print
  • Ink color options: Black, Gold, Silver, and Bronze
  • Width options: 2, 2½, 3, 3½ or 4 inches
  • Signature Pen service is $20 per print

Gift Notes for a Personal Touch

Gift Notes are printed single-sided on 5x7 white stationary paper with your artwork or text. Perfect for when you want to feature a special greeting, promote your brand, or even include your invoice in a drop-ship order going directly to your client. Gift Notes are currently available for orders placed through Bay ROES only.

Include a custom Gift Note with your order.

5x7 Gift Note - Your File

Custom printed in full color using the artwork you provide.

  • Upload your artwork file in the "Add a Gift Note" option in the Cart area of Bay ROES
  • We accept 8-bit sRGB JPEGs or PNGs
  • For best results, size your file to at least 4½x6½" at 300dpi
  • Designs are not printed full bleed; Gift Notes are printed with a 1/4" white border
  • We print black and white or full color
  • $1.50 each (one Gift Note per order)

5x7 Gift Note - Text Only

You type your message, we deliver it printed in simple and elegant black text.

  • Type your message into field provided in the "Add a Gift Note" option in the Cart area of Bay ROES, using returns where you want multiple lines
  • Text will be center justified on the paper
  • Text will be printed black in Goudy Old Style (shown on right, above), a simple and elegant font that suits any message
  • Font size varies depending on the amount of text and lines (the more characters or lines, the smaller the text)
  • $1.50 each (one Gift Note per order)

Sizes & Prices

Fine Art Canvas Board prices include Lustre or Glossy finishing coating. For protective coating options and prices for Photographic Prints, click here.

Size Fine Art
Full Color Correction
Economy No Color Correction
5x7 $35.00 $29.49 $28.65
5x30 $59.00 $46.00 $44.00
6x6 $35.00 $28.49 $28.32
8x8 $42.00 $31.00 $29.29
8x10 $42.00 $31.00 $29.29
8x12 $46.00 $36.00 $34.30
8x16 $49.00 $40.05 $36.03
8x20 $52.00 $46.00 $41.50
10x10 $46.00 $37.00 $34.80
10x13 $50.00 $38.00 $35.55
10x15 $54.00 $39.00 $35.90
10x16 $57.00 $39.55 $36.00
10x20 $61.00 $45.00 $42.50
10x30 $83.00 $51.50 $49.50
11x14 $55.00 $39.00 $36.04
11x16 $60.00 $44.50 $39.95
11x28 $72.00 $48.00 $47.00
12x12 $55.00 $38.00 $36.04
12x18 $60.00 $46.00 $40.99
12x20 $65.00 $46.95 $41.25
12x24 $78.00 - -
12x30 $88.00 $65.50 $61.50
14x14 $58.00 $51.50 $44.50
14x20 $65.50 $53.50 $47.00
14x22 $72.00 $48.90 $43.98
14x30 $96.00 - -
16x16 $69.00 $57.00 $47.00
16x20 $79.00 $57.00 $48.50
16x24 $89.00 $74.00 $68.00
16x30 $99.00 - -
20x20 $92.00 $77.00 $66.95
20x24 $95.00 $77.00 $67.99
20x30 $116.00 $95.00 $80.95
20x40 $145.00 - -
24x24 $105.00 $95.00 $80.95
24x30 $138.00 $108.00 $92.00
24x36 $155.00 $136.00 $121.00
30x30 $169.00 $146.00 $121.00
30x40 $199.00 $149.00 $125.00
36x36 $210.00 - -
40x40 $275.00 - -
40x60 $330.00 - -


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