Senior Buzz Cards

A great way for seniors to keep in touch with family and friends after graduation!

Senior Buzz Cards are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every senior's taste from classic to edgy to fun.

Senior Buzz Cards can be personalized with the senior's mobile phone number and email address, so they can hand them out to friends they want to keep in touch with after graduation. Fonts, background colors, and more can be customized using the Options Palette in Bay ROES.

Senior Buzz Card Templates

Not all available templates are shown below. For the full selection, launch Bay ROES.
*Indicates fill, stroke, and/or background color can be customized in the Options Palette of Bay ROES.

Sizes & Prices

Senior Buzz Card Pricing Full Color Correction
2½ x 3½ Senior Buzz Cards - 1st set of 24 $11.55
2½ x 3½ Senior Buzz Cards - Additional sets $8.93 per set


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