Quantity Event Packages

Special discounted prices on packages for volume events.

We offer special discounted prices on packages for Sports, Dance, Schools, Proms, and other volume events.

Here are some details regarding Bay Photo Lab's Quantity Event Packages:

  • Minimum order is $7.00
  • Images must come from the same event
  • The Quantity Events tab can be found in Bay ROES under:
    • Schools, Sports, Events > Packages > Standard Packages
  • You can also use Bay ROES to create custom packages
    • Click here to view the tutorial on creating and saving custom packages in Bay ROES
    • All units that are in 8x10 or 7x10 sheets and contain the same image are not cut down
      • Die Cutting available for wallets at $0.20 per sheet
  • Individual packaging is available for $0.40 per subject
    • Portrait/Sport/White windowed envelope options
    • Units for subjects need to be ordered consecutively
    • Enter request for individual packaging in the instructions box on Review Order screen in Bay ROES
  • Email events@bayphoto.com for more information.

Sizes & Prices

Quantity Event Packages

Size Price
3½x5 $0.55
4x6 $0.55
1/2 Unit (5x7) $0.95
1 Unit (8x10) $1.90
7x10 $1.90
8x12 $1.90
10x13 $4.95
10x15 $5.75
11x14 $5.95
12x18 $12.75
16x20 $18.85
16x24 $22.65


Options & Add-ons

Die Cut Wallets $0.25 per sheet
Color Correction $0.17 per file


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