Proof Prints

The highest quality designer proofs to wow your clients.

We offer a variety of designer options to accentuate your images and present them at their best.

Choose from several print sizes, and customize your presentation by adding a colored border, choosing one of the several border effects, or applying a vignette. You can even choose whether to print a watermark, the image file name, a copyright notice, or all three for no additional charge.

Various Proof Prints


Border Options

Standard Borders

  • Available in ¼, ½, ¾, 1 & 1½ inch widths (may vary, depending on print size).
  • Add an optional stroke line around the image.
  • Choose from 50 pre-defined colors, or pick your own color using the tools in Bay ROES.
  • Can be combined with Masks, Vignettes, & Effects for a unique presentation.

Designer Borders


File Name, Copyright & Watermark Options

Standard Borders

Sizes & Prices

*Prices are per print, and require a $15 minimum order.

Designer Proof Prints
Print Size Quantity
3½x5 $0.35 $0.26 $0.22
4x5 $0.35 $0.26 $0.22
4x6 $0.35 $0.26 $0.22
5x5 $0.35 $0.27 $0.24
5x7 $0.65 $0.59 $0.59


Options & Add-Ons
Prices are in addition to the print prices above.
Color Correction $0.17 per image file
Texture $0.20 per print
Proof Binding $5.50 per set


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