Wood Print Boxes

A naturally elegant way to store and present your prints.

Bring a naturally elegant presentation to your clients with Bay Photo's Printed and Engraved Wood Boxes.

Customizable Wood Boxes feature your photos or artwork printed directly onto the lid, or engraved with your special message or logo. Available in Natural or White Finish and various sizes to accommodate a wide range of print types, including MetalPrints, mounted or unmounted Photographic Prints, and more. The optional false bottom is perfect for adding a Bamboo Display Stand or storing personal keepsakes.

  • Sizes: Wallets, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x12 in 2 Depths
  • Lid: Printed or Engraved with Your Image or Text
  • Printed Lid: Natural or White Finish Printed Full Bleed or with a 1” or ½” Border
  • Engraved Lid: Customizable Text or Image File
  • False Bottom: Optional, Printed or Engraved with Your Image or Text
  • Contents: Optional MetalPrints, Photographic Prints, and/or Bamboo Display Stand
  • How to Order: Bay ROES/Wood Boxes Catalog and Online
  • Estimated Production Time: 4 Business Days
Bay Box Layout

Printed Lid

Customize your Wood Box with a printed image directly onto the solid wood cover with your choice of Natural or White Finish.

Wood Box with Image


Your choice of a Natural or White Finish.

Seamless Page Spreads

Natural Finish

The grain and other natural characteristics of the wood shows through the light and white areas of the image for a natural warm tone and vintage feel.

Micro Gutter Spreads

White Finish

A white ink underlay is printed beneath the image area to make the true colors of your image pop, while still allowing the beautiful wood texture to show on the print surface.

Optional Borders

Go Full Bleed, or opt for a 1" or ½” Border to frame your image.

Optional Borders

Engraved Lid

Add a personal touch with Engraved Text available in 25 different fonts, or an Engraved Image, with the logo or artwork of your choice. High contrast images produce the best results (the darker the shade, the deeper the engraving).

Engraved Lid

False Bottom

Opt for a False Bottom to conceal hidden treasures and valuable keepsakes. The removable insert is set ½” from the bottom of the box, making this a perfect compartment to store Bamboo Display Stands and USB Drives. Keep in mind, the addition of a False Bottom will change the depth of the box.

False Bottom

False Bottoms can be Printed with an Image in Natural or White Finish, or Engraved with your image, text, or logo.


We encourage you to fill your box with whatever you desire, but we've made it easy for you to include MetalPrints, Photographic Prints with or without Mounting and/or an optional Bamboo Stand -- they're easy to order in Bay ROES right alongside your Wood Box!

Custom Printed Wood Box with Prints in a Bamboo Display Stand

Bamboo Display Stands

A simple yet elegant display option, Bamboo Display Stands are offered in 4 lengths, and have a 1/4" deep groove that fit a single MetalPrint or 2mm Styrene mounted Photo print. Choose from 3 Edge Options: Rounded, Cavetto (concave), and Square.

Sizes & Prices

Available in varying depths to suit a wide range of print quantities. Prints are sold separately.

Wood Print Boxes
Size Depth Printed Lid Engraved Lid
2x3/Wallet 7/8" $23.60$14.16 SALE!!! $29.65 $17.79 SALE!!!
4x6 2" $36.30 $21.78 SALE!!! $42.35 $25.41 SALE!!!
4x6 4½" $42.35 $25.41 SALE!!! $48.40 $29.04 SALE!!!
5x7 2" $42.35 $25.41 SALE!!! $48.40 $29.04 SALE!!!
5x7 4½" $48.40 $29.04 SALE!!! $54.45 $32.67 SALE!!!
8x12 2" $57.50 $34.50 SALE!!! $63.55 $38.13 SALE!!!
8x12 4½" $63.55 $38.13 SALE!!! $69.60 $41.76 SALE!!!
Wood Box Add-Ons Size/Description Price*
False Bottom Printed False Bottom $10.00 $6.00 SALE!!!
Engraved False Bottom $10.00 $6.00 SALE!!!
False Bottom with no Printing or Engraving $3.50 $2.10 SALE!!!
Bamboo Stands 5" Bamboo Stand $6.95
8" Bamboo Stand

*Add-On prices are in addition to Wood Box price.

Maximum Prints Per Box

Box Size 7/8" Deep Wood Box
(2x3 Wallet)
2" Deep Wood Box
(4x6, 8x12)
4½" Deep Wood Box
(4x6, 5x7, 8x12)
Photo Prints 58 200 400
2mm Styrene Mounted Prints n/a 20 45
MetalPrints n/a 25 80
w/ False Bottom 7/8" Deep Wood Box
(2x3 Wallet)
2" Deep Wood Box
(4x6, 8x12)
4½" Deep Wood Box
(4x6, 5x7, 8x12)
Photo Prints n/a 100 325
2mm Styrene Mounted Prints n/a 10 35
MetalPrints n/a 15 65


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