Metal Photo Ornaments

Infused on aluminum for a beautiful luminescence.

Beautifully luminescent and durable ornaments that will bring joy for many holidays to come.

Metal Ornaments are made using the same state-of-the-art process as our full-size MetalPrints™. Dyes are infused onto specially coated aluminum, for a special memento with exceptional durability. Double-sided and delivered ready to hang, with a red ribbon attached.

MetalPrints Ornaments


Our professionally designed templates are a fast and easy way to decorate Metal Ornaments before they decorate your tree!
These templates are free and easy to use in Bay ROES. Simply drag-and-drop your images into the templates, and customize your text.
If you prefer to design your own artwork, you can download blank PSD templates here.

Sizes & Prices

Double-sided Metal Print Photo Ornaments are sold individually and include a red ribbon for hanging.


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