BluePrint by ImageQuix

Our partner for volume shooters needing a high degree of customization.

An online sales platform supporting the highest degree of customization for green screen shooting, memory mate design, and product fulfillment.

ImageQuix and Bay Photo are excited to bring school, sports, and event photographers BluePrint, an online photo sales platform with tiered pricing to scale as your studio grows.

What you'll love about BluePrint:

  • Graphics and personalization
  • Pre-pay and advance pay options
  • Supports data import for schools
  • Can easily combine offline and online sales
  • Supports self-fulfillment
  • Green screen support
  • Supports custom templates
  • Direct-to-doorstep delivery


Bay Photo + BluePrint online sales platform

Why BluePrint?

Ensure a winning season with BluePrint, the volume photography studio management software and online sales platform by ImageQuix that saves you time and money by streamlining your custom workflow.

Solid Studio Management Software

BluePrint brings solid studio management to volume photographers with pre-pay and advance payment options, the data import feature, green screen handling capabilities, and an online photo sales platform.

The Highest Degree Of Customization

Enjoy the highest degree of customization for your studio workflow. From creating your own signature memory mates to fine-tuning your product fulfillment, BluePrint makes it easy.

BluePrint Grows With You

Whether you're just getting started in volume photography or you're a seasoned pro, BluePrint's pricing plans allow you to sustainably take your studio to new levels when you're ready. ImageQuix and Bay Photo are dedicated to your success.

How it Works

Request a demo and discover how BluePrint has the power to help you easily increase your profits by streamlining your ordering workflow, and making customization a snap.

Get Started

Request A Demo. The good folks at ImageQuix will help you get started in the way that's best suited to your studio.

Start Streamlining

Immediately start streamlining your studio workflow
and online storefront.


Start designing your custom products & options, and set up your fulfillment channels.

Showcase And Sell Your Work

Shoot and upload to your job gallery so your customers can purchase their favorite poses.

We deliver so you can relax

Relax. We Deliver.

When your customer places their order, Bay Photo will print, package, and ship the finished products directly to them.

Sell More by Offering the Best Products

Get more return on each photo by offering your customers new ways to display memories of their favorite students and athletes.

Sports Prints

Photographic Prints

Choose from a range of sizes from mini-wallets to 24x30" on Lustre surface. Make any size a Pro Print by adding a banner or overlay for no additional charge.

Bag Tag

Bag Tags

Available in 2.25x4 or 2.875x4.3125 sizes. Features a print on Lustre surface. Your image appears on both sides of the tag. Finished with clear laminate and a plastic strap.

Photo Button


Features a print on Lustre surface wrapped around a 3.5" round metal shell and finished with a protective mylar sheet. Use a photo by itself, or choose from our large selection of designs.

Cork-backed Photo Coasters


3.75" square Coasters are dye-sublimated on a 4mm thick hardwood surface with a cork backing. The vibrant glossy surface makes images pop. Sold in sets of 4.

Dog Tags

Dog Tags

Printed on 1.25x2" eco-friendly 100% recycled aluminum. Dog tags are single-sided with a vibrant gloss finish.

Acrylic Key Chains

Acrylic Key Chains

Double-sided 1.375x2" printed on Lustre surface professional photo paper. Print is encased in sturdy acrylic with a metal ring. Sold in sets of 2.

Metal Key Chains

Metal Key Chains

Double-sided printed on 1/16" aluminum with a vivid glossy finish. Available in 1.625x2.25" rectangle, 2" circle, and 2.25x2.25" square shapes. With a translucent plastic clasp and spiral key ring.

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

Print on Lustre professional photo paper encased in a plastic frame. Includes identification card on the back. Plastic frame is removable. Sold in sets of 2.



Printed directly on magnetized press printed material, or photo paper bonded to a magnet backing. Available in 2.5x3.5" (set of 2) or 3.5x5" sizes with your choice of optional designs.

Photo Puzzle

Photo Puzzles

Dye-sublimated on 3.5mm thick masonite board. 7x9" puzzle features 30 pieces.



Dye-sublimated on 5x7", 6x8" or 8x10" MDF wood in your choice of black or cherry finish. Choose from a wide variety of optional designs.


The following products and prices are available through BluePrint.

Product Default Surface*
1.75x2.5" Mini Wallets (Set of 8) $0.77
2.5x3.5" Wallets (Set of 4) $0.77
3.5x5" Print (Set of 2) $0.77
4x5" Print $0.45
4x6" Print $0.54
5x7" Print $0.77
5x15" Print $2.10
8x10" Print $1.53
8x12" Print $2.69
8x24" Print $5.38
10x13" Print $2.57
10x20" Print $5.04
10x30" Print $8.40
11x14" Print $4.05
12x18" Print $6.05
16x20" Print $8.10
20x24" Print $12.83
20x30" Print $16.27
24x30" Print $22.50
Bag Tag Mini $4.02
Pro Bag Tag $5.00
3.5" Button $1.70
4" Coasters (Set of 4) $12.00
Dog Tag $5.00
Acrylic Key Chains (Set of 2) $2.30
Metal Key Chain $3.98
Luggage Tags (Set of 2) $4.50
2.5x3.5" Press Wallet Magnets (Set of 2) $2.20
2.5x3.5" Bonded Wallet Magnets (Set of 2) $3.96
3.5x5" Press Magnet $1.20
3.5x5" Bonded Magnet $1.75
7x9" Photo Puzzle $22.66
5x7" Plaque - Dye-Sublimated $6.95
6x8" Plaque - Dye-Sublimated $7.95
8x10" Plaque - Dye-Sublimated $10.95

*Default Surface includes Lustre surface for photographic paper products. Surface varies by product for press printed products, sublimated products, etc.

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