Creative Edge Cards

The highest quality die cut press printed cards, now in 94 shapes and sizes.

Striking die-cut shapes give your Press Printed Cards the Creative Edge!

Choose from 4 or 6 color printing and 12 different paper types. Cards are available in Flat, Folded, Ornament, and PopOut styles in a variety of sizes. Made using the highest quality press printing technology available.

  • Shapes & Sizes: 94+ Choices, Including Horizontal & Vertical Formats
  • Styles: Flat, Folded, PopOut, & Ornaments
  • Designs: Drag-and-drop your images into our pre-made designs, or use your own artwork.
  • Papers: 12 Surfaces, Including "Green" and UV Coated
  • Envelopes: 13 Styles & Colors, with Optional Return Address Imprinting
  • Quantity: Order in Packs of 4 or 25
  • How to Order: Bay ROES/Press Printed Cards Catalog
  • Production Time: 1 Business Day

94 Shapes & Formats to Choose From

Creative Edge Cards are available in 5x7, 5x5, 3x3, 2½x3½ (Wallet), Ornament, and PopOut formats.

5x7 PopOut Cards & 2½x3½ or 3x3 Ornaments

These festive shaped greetings double as a holiday keepsake!

5x7 Folding Cards

Specialty shapes and cut-out windows make for a unique twist on the traditional folding card.

5x7 Flat Cards

A traditional size, in a variety of non-traditional shapes. Available in horizontal and vertical formats.

4x8 Flat Cards

Each shape is available in horizontal and vertical formats.

5x5 Flat Cards

An elegant and modern size, great for any occasion.

3x3 Flat Cards

These are excellent for use as show handouts or an unexpected sized business card.

2½x3½ Wallet Flat Cards

Wallet-sized cards to take anywhere! Each shape is available in horizontal and vertical formats.


Choose your design, and choose your shape!

Our professionally designed templates are a great choice for a hassle-free and high-impact presentation! These templates are free and easy to use in Bay ROES. Simply drag-and-drop your images into the templates, and customize your text. Each design is available in 3x3, 5x5 and 5x7 sizes in a wide variety of die-cut shapes. If you prefer to design your own cards, you can download blank PSD templates here.

5x7 PopOut Card Designs

Double-Sided Flat Cards

5x7 Folded Card Designs

*Indicates that card colors can be customized in Bay ROES.

5x7 Flat Card Designs

Each design is available in more than 12 die-cut shapes.

5x5 Flat Card Designs

Each design is available in more than 12 die-cut shapes.

4x8 Flat Card Designs

Each design is available in more than 3 die-cut shapes.

3x3 Flat Card Designs

Each design is available in more than 5 die-cut shapes.

Paper Options

Choose from 12 different paper options, including UV Coated and environmentally-friendly "Green" options.

110# Semi-Gloss Smooth

110# Semi-Gloss Smooth

Our most popular paper. Smooth surface with a glossy coating that helps your images shine.

110# Semi-Gloss Smooth UV Coating

110# Semi-Gloss Smooth UV Coating

A UV Coated version of our 110# Semi-Gloss Smooth paper.

110# Smooth Matte

130# Smooth Matte "Green"

Be environmentally conscious AND look great! This beautiful smooth paper is 100% recycled and is ideal for any type of press printed product.

110# Pearl Metallic

110# Pearl Metallic

Enhance your images with the cool sparkle of ice. A great 110# paper to make images pop on greeting cards, business cards, bookmarks and more!

110# Pearl Metallic with UV Coating

110# Pearl Metallic with UV Coating

A UV Coated version of our Pearl Metallic paper.

90# Art Linen

90# Art Linen

Add the classic touch of linen texture to your images for an elegant finish.

80# Art Linen

80# Art Linen "Green"

A fine linen texture on this great paper adds a feeling of quality to your cards. This paper contains recycled fibers and is created using wind-power.

80# Art Watercolor

80# Art Watercolor

Our watercolor paper is a stunning choice for any image, especially fine art images. The texture adds a great depth to all of our products from folding cards to business cards.

100# Art Stipple

100# Art Stipple "Green"

A finely textured specialty paper to showcase your images on. This is a great uncoated paper for folding cards, and it contains recycled fibers.

130# Semi-Gloss Smooth

130# Semi-Gloss Smooth

This heavier stock smooth paper is a great coated paper for use on your business cards and bookmarks.

130# Semi-Gloss Smooth with UV Coating

130# Semi-Gloss Smooth with UV Coating

A UV Coated version of our 130# Semi-Gloss Smooth paper.

150# Bamboo

150# Bamboo

This luxurious, eco-friendly paper has proven itself to be wonderfully diverse in all press printed applications. An environmentally-conscious option with no sacrifice of elegance or quality.

Premium Envelopes in 13 Colors & Styles

Standard White Envelopes are included with all 4x5½, 4x8, 5x5 and 5x7 Creative Edge Card Orders. Upgrade 4x5½ or 5x7 Envelopes to Watercolor, Shine, Natural, or Foil for an additional charge.

Return Address Imprinting

Your Return Address can be printed on the back flap of your Envelopes for a truly custom presentation. Learn more...

4 or 6 Color Printing

Have your jobs printed with the traditional high quality of 4 color printing, or try our 6 color printing for the best quality available in a Press Printed Product.

4 Color

Standard process printing uses patterns of colored dots of varying sizes to trick the eye into seeing a continuous-tone image using only 4 ink colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

6 color

6-Color Printing is an HP Indigo process that adds light Cyan and light Magenta inks. This smooths out the dot pattern for increased depth of color. and smoother gradients.

Sizes & Prices

Creative Edge Die Cut Press Printed Cards on Semi-Gloss Smooth Paper

*Prices are per pack of 25 of the same cards (unless otherwise noted), and include a $10 per pack die cut charge. Additional cost for UV Coating, textured or metallic papers. Quantity discounts apply to multiple copies of the same Pack.

Card Sizes Qty Per Pack 1-2
3 x 3 Flat Card 25 $27.75 $27.00 $25.50 $24.50 $23.25 $22.75
4 x 8 Flat Card 25 $31.50 $30.75 $28.75 $28.00 $26.50 $25.75
5 x 7 Flat Card 25 $31.50 $30.75 $28.75 $28.00 $26.50 $25.75
5 x 5 Flat Card 25 $31.50 $30.75 $28.75 $28.00 $26.50 $25.75
5 x 7 Folding Card 25 $47.00 $45.50 $42.50 $40.75 $38.50 $37.25
5 x 7 PopOut Card 25 $31.50 $30.75 $28.75 $28.00 $26.50 $25.75
3 x 3 Ornament 25 $27.75 $27.00 $25.50 $24.50 $23.25 $22.75
2½ x 3½ Ornament 25 $27.75 $27.00 $25.50 $24.50 $23.25 $22.75
Any Size - 4 Pack 4 $17.50 per pack (available for 3x3, 5x5 & 5x7 cards)


Wallet Sizes Qty Per Pack 1 Pack 2 Packs Price Per Add'l Pack
2½ x 3½ (Wallet) Flat Card 40 $39.70 $55.20 $30.90


Creative Edge Die Cut Press Printed Options & Add-Ons

Prices are in addition to product price above.

Press Printed Options
6 Color Printing $2.99 per pack
Rounded Corners (1/8-inch) $1.50 per pack


Envelopes for Creative Edge Cards
Available for 4x8*, 5x5** and 5x7 Press Printed Cards.
Envelopes Price Per Pack of 4 Price Per Pack of 25
Standard White Envelopes Included in Order Included in Order
Watercolor Envelopes - White $1.00 $3.00
Natural Envelopes - Red, Olive, Kraft, or Sterling Gray $1.50 $4.25
Shine Envelopes - Moss, Red Satin, Pearl, or Silver $1.50 $6.00
Foil - Red, Silver, or Gold Lined $1.50 $6.00
Envelope Sample Pack $7.00, includes 1 each of all 13 Envelope options in 5x7 size
Imprinting Only
for Envelopes Included with Card Order
1st Envelope $12 (includes setup), $0.09 each additional Envelope
Envelopes & Imprinting*** 1st Envelope $12.12 (includes setup), $0.21 each additional Envelope

*4x8 Cards are available with Standard White Envelopes only.
**5x5 Cards are available with Shine, Natural, or Standard White Envelopes only.
***Price is for Standard White Envelopes & Imprinting. Prices vary for Premium Envelope options.


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