Premium quality from Bay Photo and ChromaLuxe

Bay Photo was one of the first professional labs to put MetalPrints on the map, and has remained an industry leader in quality, sizes, and display options. Our premium quality starts with the materials we source, and that’s why we work with the absolute best of the best - ChromaLuxe.

ChromaLuxe aluminum panels are specially designed with a high-performance coating that allows us to infuse your images into the surface rather than printing directly onto the face. Unlocking vibrant luminescence and scratch-resistant, weatherproof durability, this sublimation process is what separates our MetalPrints from the competition.

A Process Beyond Printing

As one of the early adopters of ChromaLuxe metal, Bay Photo has perfected the process - from color correction and printer profiling to sublimation and finishing.

With ChromaLuxe’s manufacturing combined with our knowledge and expert printing techniques, Bay Photo and ChromaLuxe provide professional photographers with a well-loved print medium that wins over clients and sells itself.

  • Optimal depth of color
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Highest archival longevity in print

Applications Anywhere

ChromaLuxe MetalPrints printed by Bay Photo are built to last, which makes them ideal for display in all environments - indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial.

Because MetalPrints are both stunning and easily cleanable, they are the perfect choice for client homes, studios, galleries, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and more. Plus, with the help of ChromaLuxe engineering, our wide variety of surface options ensures MetalPrints will show at their best in any lighting situation.

Benefits That Help You Sell

Trust us - it’s scientifically proven that MetalPrints are a superior print display.


ChromaLuxe coatings and the dye sublimation process allow for colors that expand beyond the normal printing gamut, making images printed with ChromaLuxe pop off the panel.


Printing on top of a surface can bring durability into question. ChromaLuxe captures images within the coating, providing unmatched resistance to fade, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and more.


Engineered for fine art, ChromaLuxe allows for images to be infused directly into coated metal sheets, delivering an exceptional depth and range of color.


ChromaLuxe coating provides a chemical bond at the molecular level that has virtually no pores. This cross-linked coating significantly inhibits the growth of bacteria and allows for easy cleaning.


ChromaLuxe photographic panels are easy to mount in both interior and exterior environments and do not require additional framing before hanging.


All ChromaLuxe products meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development, making them exceptionally safe for every environment.

Experience the ChromaLuxe + Bay Photo Advantage

Unlike cheap imitations, at Bay Photo we use only the highest quality ChromaLuxe metal.

Combined with white glove care and attention to detail, our skilled experts consistently deliver the best results possible to uphold your images and artwork.

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